About Us

Addmylearning is a continuous innovation platform to help everyone of us enhance our Skill, Career and Knowledge in the most efficient and right method possible, through the right use of Technology, Internet, Mobility, Analytics and Social Networks.

Addmylearning is India’s first integrated Learning Bazaar, Career Development and Training Business Portal. It enables :

  • A unique Bazaar for Offline/Classroom courses & Online courses from any Provider.
  • A Training Needs Fulfillment platform.
  • Career Decision Support for those starting or switching careers.
  • Promotion, Sale & Leads/Bids for all training providers (Institutes, Trainers, Tutors).

We aggregate Courses and Tests from Training Providers across the world in our unique Bazaar. The uniqueness is in the Batch level unit of Publication and Search. For e.g. You could find both Classroom/Offline or Online courses in a subject. And for a Classroom course, you get to know the Batch Start Date, Duration, Timing, Faculty Profile, Content, Fee, Placements etc. You can check Ratings for the Provider or submit Reviews and Enquiries.

We extend the enablement of learning from Job-Oriented Skills to Personal interests and hobbies. We hence cover every subject and area of knowledge from Technology, Process, Personality, Management, Communication to Language, Music, Culinary, Arts, Sports to Competitive and Entrance Exam Preparation.

We provide 3R [Reach, Revenue, Repute] for Institutional and Individual Training providers (Training and Coaching Institutes, Online Course Vendors, Corporate Trainers, Tuition Teachers, Tutors, Coaches, Mentors etc) by providing a Bazaar and Business Growth platform.

Highly in-depth, pertinent and focused information is shared in order to help make decisions. Social media, Mobility and Analytics are integrated for the complete experience.

Value for Students, Professionals

  • Find Training Courses, Tests, Institutes, Trainers from across the country.
  • Post all Learning or Training Requirements. Chat 1-1 with providers who respond to you.
  • Ask Answers to your Career related Questions from a diverse community.
  • Guide your friends by answering their Career Questions.

Value for Corporate Training & Development teams, Learning Coordinators

  • Find Courses, Tests, Corporate Trainers, Institutes from across the country.
  • Post Training Outsourcing Requirements & RFPs. Chat 1-1 with providers who respond to you.
  • Guide students and professionals by answering their Career related Questions.

Value for Training & Coaching Institutes, Course Vendors, Corporate Trainers, Tutors, Coaches, Mentors

  • Publish, Promote, Sell Offline or Online Courses and Tests to a global audience.
  • Provide guidance on Career Questions in your business area and explore business opportunities.
  • Get business leads from Training Requirements and Outsourcing RFPs. Chat 1-1 with Users.
  • Get assistance to become an Online Trainer or Tutor.

Get the best of Learning...

Anytime, Anywhere.

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Invest in Addmylearning

Invest in the future of the country, to develop a more skilled and globally competetive generation ahead. We endevour to provide an equal learning opportunity to people in every nook & corner, every city and village of the country. If you are an Angel Investor/VC and are interested to invest in our startup, please contact us at the coordinates beside.