The value of Online Marketplaces

When online retailing started in India, people didn’t expect this big a success so soon. Indians always want to see, feel and check things before buying to make sure they got a good product. But the e-retailers turned conventional thought over its head. Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal have been very successful and have created wealth for millions of ordinary sellers across India. They have come up with innovative alternatives to address customer concerns.

It also needed the sellers on these platforms to change their methods, atleast for the online sales they make. In return, sellers have gained non-linear growth and great wealth. Non-linear growth because it doesn’t need proportionate additional investment on space, infrastructure or staff. So margin per piece grows with volumes.

The online learning marketplace:

We need a similar transformation in the massive Training Industry, or an Amazon of learning. This is where (Learner, Institute, Trainer) steps in. is much more than a learning marketplace for Training Courses. It has several upstream and downstream services added for Career Guidance, Learning Needs fulfillment and Business Leads.

Publish, promote, sell training courses in the learning marketplace

Opportunity for Training Providers – Institutional and Individual

This is a great opportunity for Institutional Training Vendors like Training and Coaching Institutes to increase their ROI and Individual Trainers, Mentors & Coaches to increase their income through the learning marketplace.

For a Training Institute which invests in expensive commercial space, teachers and infra, unfilled seats means lost revenue. Many students show interest but don’t turn up on the D-Day. Institutes are forced to run sometimes with 1 or 2 students in a class. For Trainers it means a lost opportunity for income.

Publish, Promote or Sell admissions on the learning marketplace. The Business Leads platform gives an opportunity to pursue new business leads for training customers.

Envision these instances:

  • Students have to travel all around the city, talk to lot of acquaintances and make numerous calls to find the right course for them, and at a good location and time, within their budget.
  • Students in small towns can hardly do this as they have to make a physical travel to the city do this. For how long should they stay in the city to accomplish this?
  • Indians living abroad want to attend a training course in India while on a short trip.  This is because Training is very expensive  in western countries. They want to finalize the location and book a seat before they travel. Or, they want to undergo an online course from a Tutor in India.

What if students can sit at their home and complete the job of finding the right course and joining it? What if Corporate learning teams can get the best trainers for their staff in a transparent manner ?

Such scenarios mean an unlimited opportunity for every training vendor, big or small, individual or Institutional.

Career and Learning Discovery

“When I was in the final year, I and my friends started worrying about what next.  When will we get jobs? Which technology should we learn to get an early job? Our families also started worrying. We were getting vague answers from everyone. It took very long for us to get hold of a good job-oriented course and final land in a job. We don’t have a common platform to identify a career path and finalize the best training course.” said a recently graduated engineer whom I met. Isn’t this very common ?

Institutes can focus on the quality and quantity of their courses, while we take care of publishing, promoting and selling to a global market. They can highlight complete details including content, faculty, photos, videos.

market also provides a platform for business leads. Students or Corporate Managers or Learning teams post their training requirements, including outsourced training requirements. These are provided as leads transparently for Training vendors. It includes a private chat facility to discuss on the opportunity.

Learning business is truly online now en masse. (Learner, Institute, Trainer)

AMLLogo provides you

  • Discovr: A comprehensive directory of Training courses in any skill or location.
  • Counslr: A system for online guidance in making Career decisions by connecting you with experts.
  • Fulflr: A chat & bid based Learning needs Fulfillment system.

We are in a non-stop continuous improvement mode ourselves to enhance your knowledge, skills and career, in every domain of knowledge. Be it IT, Software, Hardware, Managerial, Personality, Business, Vocational, TuitionsEntrance Exams and Competitive ExamsSports, Music, Dance, Arts, Cooking, anything, everything.

Happy Learning!

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