Sir MV

Sir Mokshagundam Vishweshvaraya (Sir MV) was born on 15 September 1861 and his birthday is remembered as Engineer’s Day in commemoration for his great contribution to the field of Engineering in India, especially in the field of Civil Engineering and building India’s first massive projects. In 1884, he graduated from Poona College of Engineering and stood […]

Innovate & Disrupt

We know it is high time to accelerate innovation now – from agriculture to space technology and everything in between. Or you have the choice to be left behind. But important this is to not just innovate. But support, help, guide and promote when someone tries to bring a change for the better. Why Innovate […]

agriculture machinery

They say economy runs by demand and supply. And who supplies what is in demand prospers. But then why are most farmers who supply the most indispensable need of mankind – food, are in distress? Obviously there is much more to agriculture than just the demand and supply formula. The travails of agriculture and the […]

corruption in society

Corruption – Blame it on ‘others’ ? Corruption as we know is a virus that infests itself everywhere. The effect is felt more in developing & third world countries. With uncontrolled population growth, people have to struggle more & more for their share of limited resources of food, land, jobs, Govt schemes and money. This means a rising opportunity […]