why does everyone need continuous training ?

 What is continuous learning

We need to consciously identify areas to improve our hard skills (related to the technical and functional aspect of work we do) and soft skills (behavior, personality, communication, responding to scenarios, social integration, problem solving, managerial etc), and work constantly towards improving our skills and knowledge in such areas. There is no end to it. There is no point where we can claim that this level of knowledge, skill and capability is enough.

We need to keep sharpening our saw all the time. Continuous learning of new technologies or skills is the only solution for a long, growing and successful career. Remember that a rolling stone gathers no moss.

This applies not just to students and professionals, but to each and every one in every imaginable field. The most successful people are the ones who are most agile and nimble when it comes to applying themselves to handle any type of change and challenge. Know more about what training you an choose to take up.

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The knowledge that we gain in our education system is hardly sufficient to excel in our jobs. Most of us rarely find a direct correlation between our study and work.

That means what we have studied during our education years does not convert into delivering quality work output.

Globally, industry leaders have complained about lack of direct employability in our university graduates.  Not only in terms of the technical knowledge and skills, but also in terms of the right personality, professional behaviors, presentation and communications skills needed. They see a need to invest heavily in training before putting people on the job.

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Importance of Continuous Learning & Training

Continuous Learning & Training tends to bridge this gap and puts us ahead of competition, given that our uncontrolled population growth only adds to uncontrolled competition. Organisations which are learning oriented and continuously make investments in training (Corporate Training) have seen considerable improvement in productivity and reduction in overall costs.

Some of the world’s best sportsmen have sustained such long careers because they never stopped training and learning new techniques, as hard as when they started their careers.

Including superstars like Sachin. The day they think they don’t need to learn anymore, they cannot sustain success. Similar is the need in all professions through it does not show up so apparently to people around.

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Don’t be a “somebody” – stand out from the crowd

We have seen many people just go to work and do it very mechanically, doing the same thing in the same way everyday, just waiting to go home. But if you are choosing to be among the ones who want to grow to the peaks of your career and differentiate yourself through fair means, then learning new jobs, skills and techniques is mandatory.

If time is a shortage, pick the range of online and elearning courses available these days in several fields.

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Start today – learn a better skill

Start this endeavour by proactively finding the right Mentors, Tutors or trainers or coaches. A mentor is a senior & respected person who can help you identify your shortcomings, your goals and choose the best career options. They usually do not impart training. Tutors, Trainers and coaches actually help you improve on the skill that you want to gain.

Plant the seeds for a better life and career through by enhancing your knowledge and skills, and be ready for better opportunities.

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Happy Learning!