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The Business Growth Platform for all Training & Test Providers – Training Institutes, Coaching Centers, Trainers, Tutors, Mentors… provides you a comprehensive Training Business platform to publish, promote, sell courses and to get business leads from various sources. Now easily be found everywhere, become popular and gain business. has 3 core solutions:

  • Bazaar: A comprehensive listing of Courses, Tests, Institutes and Trainers in any skill or location.
  • Fulflr: A bid & Chat based automated Learning Needs Fulfillment system for individuals and companies, which turns into a Business Leads system for Training providers.
  • Counslr: A Career Guidance System for students, job-seekers and professionals to connect with training providers, experts and friends for suggestions on career path. covers any subject or skill. Be it Software, Hardware, Managerial, Personality, Business, Vocational, TuitionsEntrance Exams and Competitive ExamsSports, Music, Dance, Arts, Cooking, anything, everything.

You can list every batch of your training course or workshop for students, job-seekers, parents, corporate learning officers and consultant to find and engage.  You have a number of features that help you in establishing and growing your training business. The highlighting factor here is all of these are enabled through easy self-service screens so you can manage your business anytime without waiting for us.

1. Publish & Promote your Training profile


publish training profile and courses

  • Publish all your Training Institute or Trainer profile details including photos, videos, Faculty profiles – with a dedicated URL. Use Promotions starting from 1-day to specially highlight your profile.


2. Publish & Promote every Course Batch or Test

publish and promote training courses and workshops


  • Publish all details about every course batch, workshop or Test including date, time, venue, price, content, faculty, placement, discounts, demo video etc with a URL for each. Easy entry screens. Specially highlight using promotions starting from 1-day.

3. Reviews, Ratings and Enquiries


reviews and feedback about training courses

  • Visitors can submit reviews/feedback, ratings and enquiries about your courses. View and respond online instantly. The institute rating is the aggregate for all your courses.

4. Digital Marketing

digital marketing on social media

  • Share & Market your Institute or Course pages on Social Media – FB, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn. Share links with students. You also get widgets for each course that you can publish on your other sites.

5. Sell Courses & Tests online


  • Secure PayUMoney wallet gateway for booking of your courses and transfer of money upon start of the course.

6. New Business Leads – Multiple sources to grow business 

training business leads

  • I’m interested’ button in every Course view page. When a student clicks the button on your course, you get an email & SMS with their contacts. You can reach them for admissions.
  • Fulfilr: Training Needs Fulfilment tool – Get an email & SMS when a new Learning Need is posted by a student/company in your Training areas. Respond online and Chat 1-1 to take deal ahead.
  • Business enquiries: Capture all cold calls in a CRM style tool and track conversions to closure.
  • Course update broadcast: Your newly added courses are shared as regular auto-updates to Students if they have searched for such courses earlier, or if the course falls in their selected ‘Interest Areas’.
  • Counslr: Career Guidance Tool- Students can select you as recipients to their questions about career choices related to your training areas. Guide students and tap opportunities.

7. Student Management

  • Manage all your student enrolments to courses registered in
  • Publish notifications and announcements about Course updates and changes.

8. A Powerful dashboard

institute or trainer dashboard

  • Manage all your training business including publication, promotion, memberships and leads from a central dashboard screen.

9. Reports, 

Notifications and updates

reports and notifications about your business

  • New business leads
  • Your Course views report – every week
  • Expiring courses listing reminder every week
  • Sale of course

10. Service Support

support for training business

  • Service is available during business hours on email, phone internal admin chat. We target to close all issues within 2 business days or the earliest possible timelines for complex issues.

Watch the videos below to understand more in detail:

Business Growth for Training Institutes, Coaching Centers

Business Growth for Trainers, Tutors, Mentors

We are in a continuous improvement mode to provide more services, in the most economical mode. Inviting you to make the best use of the system for the success and globalization of your training business.

Sign Up now and start your era of popularity and growth !

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Innovate & Disrupt

We know it is high time to accelerate innovation now – from agriculture to space technology and everything in between. Or you have the choice to be left behind. But important this is to not just innovate. But support, help, guide and promote when someone tries to bring a change for the better.

Why Innovate and Disrupt

Innovation is a change for the better that is usually cheaper, better, faster and efficient. Whatever be the means of innovation- a simple difference in a way something is done, or the application of latest technology, the ultimate goal is the same – in other words – an improvement in cost, speed, quality, usability, accuracy and efficiency.

We Indians have not been usually well known to produce new intellectual property, new discoveries, new inventions or new products.

Students – take a drastic step ahead – stop thinking only about good marks, a prestigious educational institute and a great job. Stop being a machine. Stop yourself from becoming one of those uncountable numbers of ‘staff’ or ‘managers’.

Create Solutions, Wealth, jobs

Create intellectual property with your disruptive solutions. The best time to start is right after your education when you are young and armed with peak knowledge.

Prepare to invest time, prepare to fail – again and again. There is nothing to loose. You can always look for a job anytime. But if you succeed you have a golden period ahead.

Nothing succeeds like that kind of success. We need youth to end the vacuum of innovation in this country. Why can’t we be the next Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, Eesha Khare, Vijay Shekhar, Michael Dell, Jack Andraka or many such. If not as good as them we could come quite close if we have the passion to achieve. Generate millions of jobs, not waiting for government jobs.

India needs innovation to improve employment, food, shelter, safety and better quality of life for its burgeoning uncontrolled population. We cannot take pride in numbers like saying our railways transport the world’s largest number of passengers. The pride should be in the quality of life and quality of services. Unfortunately we are decades behind even in ensuring basics like good roads, civic facilities and safety. And across the world, there are less jobs for immigrants now. It will be a disaster if increasing unemployment causes people to poor wander into crime, arson or drain government treasury for freebies.

An economic crisis in the making

Take the example of agriculture. Over 60% of our population depends on agriculture while the returns from agriculture are going down everyday. It immediately and necessarily needs innovation to produce high yields at lower cost, withstand environmental vagaries, reduce dependence on manual labour, increase organic methods and give consistent yields. We are soon heading towards a food and poverty crisis as farmers abandon agriculture to turn to suicide or labour while causing a food shortage on the other hand.

With all these problems in hand and an agriculture based society, how many devices or instruments have we created to reduce human dependence ? How much per acre cost have we been able to reduce ?

Why haven’t we able to give it back to our global customers which have supported us for so long and have became the highest contributors to our prosperity with their machinery, equipment, devices and products?

Even in the information technology industry that has created most wealth for young Indians, the greatest mass of our ‘staff’ still mostly ‘execute work’ that comes from industries in rich countries. This is our bread and butter – which goes up or down based on how good those industries are doing, or on the political decisions of their leaders. The later part is clearly evident now as the world’s greatest and powerful economies are becoming more and more conservative and protective of its own people and closing doors for ‘outsiders’.

And we still buy almost all software or hardware from other countries. After over 2 decades of being through IT business, why have we not been able to innovate and create any new significant intellectual property, technology, operating systems, products or solutions of our own at home that can differentiate us from competition ?

Innovation Priorities

I believe our priorities for research and innovation are :

  • Education

    Quality of content, accessibility, cost.

  • Information Technology

    New software, hardware and network infrastructure, comprehensive business solutions.

  • Manufacturing

    Robotic manufacturing, higher throughput, better quality, lesser cost, lower usage of fuel and environment produce, lesser emissions, reduce pollution.

  • Conservation

    Solutions to reduce plastic usage, increase green cover, water conservation, alternate sources of energy.

  • Smart life

    Smart cities with high levels of access to civic facilities, home delivery solutions, home automation, better healthcare, safety, disaster prevention and recovery.

  • Agriculture

    Increase yield, reduce human dependency (low cost machines to replace labour), sustain environmental vagaries ( improve flood and drought resistance), enhance storage and shelf life.

AI, Machine Learning, IoT, RPA are some of the recent means of doing things better and creating new solutions.

Innovation needs a support mechanism

How to avert the crisis ?

Do our family, institutions and society promote change or innovation? Are there more people around awaiting to see us fail than succeed when we break free to innovate ? Is our society too risk averse ?  Has being a ‘job holder’ or ‘subordinate’ got  so ingrained in our culture, possibly from being babus to our colonial rulers, that a job is our life’s greatest goal ?  Is innovation or setting up a new business left only to those who have loads of surplus cash, or those who ‘don’t want to work under someone’ or those who haven’t been able to get a job after a struggle ? Will we ever succeed with this attitude ?

To be able to even match up with the fast moving world, innovation has to be among top career preferences. Schools and colleges should also build this attitude and enable young minds to experiment freely. Our families, educational institutions and organisations should transform to support innovation and research. It should not be dead after a  final year project. People should trust, encourage risks, accept failures and while continuing to provide patronage. And shouldn’t look at all new products with suspicion until so long that it can no longer sustain.

They say necessity is the mother of all invention. Those who are still not seeing the necessity are not seeing a crisis coming soon.

All the best for you all to start innovating. You are starting soon, aren’t you?

Good people management

Good People Management is gaining importance

A project’s top KPI’s are Quality, Quantity and Time. There are quite a few other ones but these 3 stand apart. To deliver these, there needs to be a good team.  A good team needs good individuals.

But the project cannot be delivered as individuals !

For a successful project, individuals have to be brought together to run as the parts of an automobile. If tyres are flat, there is no use of the world’s most efficient and powerful engine !

The People management part of Project Management is hence a complex and key skill. Team members need a leader, not just a manager who only assigns and reviews tasks. Life is becoming more complex, sensitive and stressful and office is where an employee spends the maximum time in a day. Plus long travel especially in big cities. Hence life in office has an impact on the person’s overall psyche and behaviour.

Humans too have a wear & tear like machines and office life either expedites or mitigates it.

Organisations which want their staff to be happy at office and maintain work-life balance look for managers who lead teams humanely but deliver to the mark. They want to managers to ably handle both – people and project. Hence the manager needs to balance between being Stern and Soft.

Stern when it comes to discipline, principles, schedules and monitoring. But Soft when it comes to ensuring that staff remain excited and encouraged at work, have low intra-team issues, distractions are minimum, and get supported through tough times.

To create a high-performing team, know your staff comprehensively – Capability, Personality and important Personal details.

How to know your staff well

  • Assess capability: Analyse your team member’s technical capability and skills. Assess how close they are to the project’s requirements. Also find their communication skills.
  • Know your staff’s key personal details: If yours is a critical project, keep a tab on potential issues that would impact his/her presence and concentration. Like major sickness, serious disputes at home etc. This helps in 3 ways- 1 to decide what critical tasks can be assigned, 2 to prepare contingency plans, 3 to be ready to provide necessary help when needed.
  • Find the Career history and expectations: Past issues in career. Some past issues like denied promotions, revisions or vacations could be impacting now. He/she may be expecting something that can offset past losses.
  • Temperament: In the initial days watch how the member reacts to situations and his/her teaming with other members.

Steps to enhance your People Management aspect

  • Contingency Plan: Having a contingency plan for critical members helps in allowing staff to take time off when in personal crisis, without affecting delivery.
  • Explain expectations: Explain the expectations to your team starting from your organisation to the last actor of your project.Your team needs to understand the entire flow. For e.g. if you are doing a technology project for a bank, their work is critical because:
    • Your organisation needs to make the customer (Bank’s Technology staff) happy
    • The Bank’s Technology staff need to keep their customers (Business Staff) happy.
    • The Bank’s Business staff needs to keep the Bank’s customers (Account holders) happy.
  • Being with them: Spend time with team at lunches and outdoor team integration events. When with them, be one of them, be open, trustable and in sync with them. Not as a imposing serious faced manager secretly trying to collect information.
  • Reduce Intra-team issues: Settle intra-person issues quickly at the first alert, without bias towards a more senior or more expert staff member. Do not delay. It can be counter-productive otherwise in the long run. Get into the root of the issue and make a mutually agreeable settlement. Closely watch them get along for a few days. If it doesn’t work, one of them may need to be moved out of the team or project.
  • Enhance performance: Talk to low-performers regularly and motivate. Help them with training, skills, tricks and quick tips at work. Some of them will turn into top performers soon.
  • Help in Support tasks: Help them by getting support from Finance, HR etc units to solve their problems like re-reimbursements, leaves, arrears etc. This will ensure they have more time and energy to concentrate on work.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Enable sharing of knowledge and issues between members through planned sessions. This ensures team members in a large project are not re-inventing the wheel for the same problem.
  • Go the extra mile: For staff who believe were treated badly in past projects, go the extra mile to help them with incentives, better revisions or promotions whenever they are eligible.  They will be super-productive and indebted to you. When you are in crisis, they will be the first to help.

Form the A-Team: It is good for You, your Team and your Organisation

For a Project Manager, good People Management is critical for success. Note that the more challenging your project is, the more important it becomes. Leave old and traditional methods of management similar to a labour master. It is a young, fast and knowledgeable generation coming up going ahead. Be agile, transparent and fair with the team while managing your project’s tasks and goals. Your team’s success is your project’s success. So Help your team to help yourself !

Only a win-win type of management will be successful in the future.


agriculture machinery

They say economy runs by demand and supply. And who supplies what is in demand prospers. But then why are most farmers who supply the most indispensable need of mankind – food, are in distress? Obviously there is much more to agriculture than just the demand and supply formula.

The travails of agriculture and the small farmer

The condition of the small farmer can be gauged by the number of suicides among them, and the cases of abandonment of agriculture. Large families and cattle used to prosper from the same profession once upon a time. But not now.

High inflation for decades has ensured living costs have grown much faster than farm incomes, turning farmers impoverished and increasing the rich-poor divide.

Living needs have also increased from just sustenance to higher education, medical expenses etc. Among the top problems farmers face are – high costs, low and uncertain returns, natural disasters, poor quality materials such as seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, bad supply chain that is exploited by middlemen, poor storage facilities etc.

There are innumerable schemes available from governments. There are several universities involved in research. At every election there is the promise of loan waivers.  Many have tried to improve market accessibility etc. Many of these don’t generally reach the last man. Education and connectivity is also a major roadblock.

There will be no end to farmer woes until the focus changes to improving per unit profitability in agriculture.

The problem caused by shortage of labor

Ensuring sufficient supply chain logistics and genuine raw materials is basic hygiene and this is where governments and many organisations are working on. But is that all…?

One important aspect has been ignored – the ever rising costs of farm labor and its scarcity. This often turns out to be the single largest cost item.

The reasons include alternate employment through certain guaranteed employment schemes, migration to cities looking for higher income to meet their own increasing expenses. The problem will become even more intense in future as the next generations of these communities are taking up better education and jobs. While this has helped the traditional farm labor community to prosper, it has had a equivalent impact on agriculture.

So farmers now have access to neither economical labor nor machinery to replace them, all this when agriculture is very labor intensive. Machinery doesn’t just mean tractors for tilling land. It has to go much far ahead than a tractor.

What is needed now

In modern times, when western countries have faced the problem of exorbitant labor costs, they brought in machines to literally do everything that a man can do. Their farmers can hence manage agriculture with minimal human effort. We are amazed to see machines so deftly pick out potatoes and separate them like an assembly line. Or wheat being processing right while reaping. Or just every imaginable human task in farming. They even feed livestock using machines. It is literally one man farming. Manufacturers like Kuhn make machines for almost type of farming effort.

The dire need for India is to manufacture low cost, durable and high quality machines for every phase of farming activity – plowing, tilling, seeding, fertilization, manuring, sowing, spraying, harvesting, shredding etc.

The way washing machines replaced dependency on a maid servants. Instead of waiving a lakh of loan, it would be a thousand times better to gift them a lakh worth of farm machinery that would save a few more lakhs. Or local bodies in villages should make them available on rental basis. The aspect of durability and quality is very important as most farmers operate in remote areas.

Crucial for sustenance

For current and future sustainability, Indian agriculture needs science and technology to make machines that can replace human labor in every phase of farming from sowing to harvesting.

It is an irony that we have institutions to make the best of satellites but not high utility farm machines ! It is time for corporate sector and startups to venture into this area.  By whatever measure these machines can reduce labor dependency, that much would agriculture prosper. Still over 60% of Indian population survives on agriculture, hence the need is immediate and crucial. Prospering villages are also needed for cities to prosper! The reason? Good agriculture helps manage inflation, in addition to reducing excessive immigration to cities.

create courses & tests in your freetime and weekends:

Learning – by all, for all

Do you have free time on your weekends or weekdays ? Do you have a good knowledge on any Subject, Technology, Entrance Exam, Competitive Exam, or Art, Music, Painting etc ? Are you well respected in your circles for your skills ?  All this then why waste your free time when you have the opportunity to sit at home, create Courses or Tests and earn ?, India’s foremost Learning Bazaar and Career portal provides you a crowd-sourced teaching platform. Just follow these simple steps to create learning material and earn in your free-time without being burdened by schedules.

Some indicative areas that you can create learning stuff on:

  • School Subjects and Practice Tests
  • Technology Courses & Evaluation Tests
  • Entrance & Competitive Exam Preparation and Practice Tests
  • Language Learning Courses
  • Projects & Hobbies
  • How-to’s & DIYs

You can extend your imagination to more areas…!

Create courses in weekend & free time, sell on

Start asap

Step 1: Plan

  • Finalize what Subject you want to teach, and the approximate Duration of the Course.
  • Identify pre-requisites if any. i.e. any prior knowledge and expertise required.
  • In most cases, it also helps to identify the target segment – Beginners, Intermediates or Experts.
  • Set Objectives for the Course in a few concise statements. These should indicate what is the student expected to know, or be able to do, by the end of the Course.
  • Create a structured ToC (Table of Contents) with Chapters and Topics to be included in the Course.

Step 2: Create

You have multiple options to create Courses or Tests from the comfort of your home.

  • Option 1: Video Course (series of video recordings).

Use any good quality handycam, digital or mobile camera to record in noiseless surroundings. A collar mic or zoom mic will improve audio quality.

  • Option 2: eLearning Course or Online Test.

This is made for self-study. i.e. the student will play Audio-Visual content at his/her convenience of place and time. For this, first prepare course content in Word or Powerpoint. Then use several free or paid Authoring tools to convert it to an eLearning Course/Test.

A list of free eLearning course authoring tools is available at eLearningindustry-course-tools or on Capterra. A few Free Test Authoring Tools can be found at elearningindustry-test-tools. There are also professional paid software tools like Adobe Captivate, ArticulateElucidat etc.

  • Option 3: Virtual Classroom Course.

In this form, you conduct live classes at scheduled timings using LMS (Learning Management System) software. There are several options. These are online and pay-per-use. Most of these start with a free membership for a single teacher and limited usage.

Subscription to these online LMS Software is simple and you can start within minutes. These are browser based so no installation is needed, and these are mobile compatible too !

Common ones are Braincert, MoodleCloudTalent, Docebo, WizIQ.

You and your students can see and talk to each other. Most of these also come with included whiteboard to write, share documents, conduct quizzes, assignments and even issue certificates.

Step 3: Upload or Host

  • Upload videos onto a free web drive like Youtube, Vimeo or on free online storage tools like Google Drive or Drop Box etc. For eLearning packages too, you can use these online tools.
  • Keep access restricted/private which means only those whom you give access can view your stuff. General public cannot see or download them.
  • For Virtual Classroom course no activity is needed at this point. You may evaluate various LMS software to find the best.

Step 4: Publish & Put up for Selling

  • Mention your credentials & achievements. You can add a link to a brief 2-3 video about yourself.
  • Login and navigate to your dashboard. Click on ‘Add a Course/Test‘. Fill up the form with clear details.
  • If you have created a short 3-5 min demo video about the course, add a link to it. The chances of business is much higher.
  • Set a competitive price.
  • Lo! The Course or Test listing is now live and available for sale !

Step 5: Promote

  • Each Course/Test integrated with Social Media Share buttons. Share with your friends & family on FB, Google+, Twitter etc. Share the link in your WhatsApp circles. Ask them to share further.
  • If you have a separate blog or site, embed a small piece of code we give you for each entry. It will show up as a 250 x 250 pixel (approx) visual box with a link to your course!
  • You may utilize paid promotions on starting from 1 day to as long as you want.

If you are a regular trainer, you can create your business pages on FB, G+, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. You can also use paid Ad platforms like FB Ads, Google Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads etc to advertise.

Step 6: Earn on Sale

  • Any user across the world can buy your course through secure and established Payment Gateway (PayUMoney) on PayPal, CCAvenue and PayTM are under implementation.
  • Your money and your buyers money is safe and protected through Buyer Protection mechanisms at Payment Gateway level and in Addmylearning.
  • You are notified of each sale of your Course/Test and its buyer. Provide access to the buyer to your course/test within 2-3 days once notified.
  • Your money is transferred to your account in about 2 weeks of each sale, post necessary verification and checks of delivery.

Quick tips for creating Courses:

  • Create Courses with comprehensive content to ensure the intended objectives are achieved. Your buyers are your biggest promoters when they spread through references and word of mouth.
  • Check grammar and spellings thoroughly. Use free readability improvement tools to enhance sentence formation ( etc).
  • Ensure good Audio and Video quality without surrounding noise.
  • Do not use any foul language or obscene content.

Go ahead. Spread knowledge, enjoy your free time creatively and make money. Create Courses or Tests now. What are you waiting for ?

For any assistance, write to

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Learning modes: Standard classroom, live classroom, elearning

Different learning modes in use today

The competition these days is so high, especially in the new age and emerging industries, that we need to constantly keep learning. For students to improve chances of a good job, and for working professionals to switch or enhance career, job-oriented skill based training courses are invariably necessary.

But the challenge comes up in terms of sparing time for a daily routine of travelling and attending physical classrooms, in addition to regular academics or job. More so if we are in any of the big cities. The problem is so big that many of us never succeed in taking up a good course, even when we know it could really help us.

If you have decided what to learn, you can seek the best learning mode that is suited to you – physical classroom, virtual/live classroom, elearning/self-learning or a combination of these models. Each of them have their own limitations, which are indicated below. Understand these and make a judicious decision – in order to ultimately put your time and money to the best use.

Standard Physical Classroom Courses

benefits of classroom training

If you are learning a new skill, technically nothing can beat a physical classroom. But there are quite some limitations of this learning mode. You should have a good course near you, from a good teacher who pays personal attention, at a good facility and the class should not be over-sized. Importantly, you should have time to travel and attend classrooms. A lot to ask for, especially if you are working !

If it is a totally new subject in a new area, it is very strongly suggested NOT to go into classrooms with hundreds of people. This is because you can hardly expect the faculty to understand the individual capabilities and level of understanding. Classes go on mechanically. Students who are new to the subject are usually shy of asking questions from within such a huge crowd.

Go for classrooms with upto 20-40 students where personal attention is possible. You are more likely to ask questions within such a small group.

Virtual or Live Online Classroom Courses

Virtual online live Classroom Training

Live online multimedia classroom courses allow you to access a course in real time from chosen institutions or from a globally renowned faculty,  from the convenience of your home or office. These are enabled through professional training software platforms like Braincert or Webex,

This learning mode is interactive like a real classroom and is a very good alternative to a real classroom. The pre-requisite is a good un-interrupted internet connection for the entire duration of the session. In reality, there are usually breaks in video and audio for different reasons. You can attend these from mobiles too if the software allows.

The faculty can see you in some of these software platforms, monitor who has attended, share desktop, presentations and electronically ‘write’ on a ‘whiteboard’. Private chat, interactive discussions, live quizzes and tests are possible. Assignments are either submitted online, through email or through post. You are attended to, and can clear any doubts then and there.

You will need to dedicate time and motivate yourself to be regular to classes and be attentive without distractions around when at home. And bear with audio, video, power breaks !!! Choices in the market are not too many currently. If you are able to find a good and affordable live classroom course in the subject you are looking for, then grab it.

ELearning Courses

elearning or self-learning courses

Next best are elearning courses which are close to distance learning programs. You can play and watch pre-loaded AV packages anytime you want. You have a lot of choice from global sources, and are generally very affordable. This is because institutions spend a one time effort on it and can share with an unlimited number of people technically.

It is very enticing to see that you can learn anytime at your convenience, but this is also the biggest pitfall of this learning mode ! Unless you are highly motivated and disciplined, you will never complete the course ! Be wary of this.  Most of us will be always looking for another ‘tomorrow’ to go through, or the day before a test.

If the subject is complicated or not well explained, you are likely to get completely lost with no one to help. Some institutions provide options to clear queries through email. Most institutions also fix a period until which they are available online to you. If you don’t complete by that time, it will just go off  and your money lost !!!

If you can manage your time and motivation, and the subject is not very new, complex and large, this is a convenient and economical method to learn. First check how you manage with a short term course before paying for an expensive course.

A combination of models

combination of classroom and online learning

These days some good institutions, even IIMs, have a combination of physical classroom for a short period/weekends plus a live online classroom. Thus a combined learning mode may be the best for you in today’s age, if you want to learn new skills and technologies etc from top institutions.

If what you want to learn is just an upgrade to what you already know (like the newer version of a product), then utilize any of the above methods, plus learn on-the-job.

Technology to enable learning

technology to enable learning

It is certain that technology is already playing and will play an increasing role in enabling easier options. In fact, technology is the only solution to make good learning options available to the remotest and poorest people on the planet. They should not be deprived of quality education because of their location and status.  We at are also seeking to enable such features.

Happy Learning!

AMLLogo : Learning Marketplace. SaaS based Course & Lead Management.

You are also invited to post guest articles on our blog.

why does everyone need continuous training ?

 What is continuous learning

We need to consciously identify areas to improve our hard skills (related to the technical and functional aspect of work we do) and soft skills (behavior, personality, communication, responding to scenarios, social integration, problem solving, managerial etc), and work constantly towards improving our skills and knowledge in such areas. There is no end to it. There is no point where we can claim that this level of knowledge, skill and capability is enough.

We need to keep sharpening our saw all the time. Continuous learning of new technologies or skills is the only solution for a long, growing and successful career. Remember that a rolling stone gathers no moss.

This applies not just to students and professionals, but to each and every one in every imaginable field. The most successful people are the ones who are most agile and nimble when it comes to applying themselves to handle any type of change and challenge. Know more about what training you an choose to take up.

improve knowledge

The knowledge that we gain in our education system is hardly sufficient to excel in our jobs. Most of us rarely find a direct correlation between our study and work.

That means what we have studied during our education years does not convert into delivering quality work output.

Globally, industry leaders have complained about lack of direct employability in our university graduates.  Not only in terms of the technical knowledge and skills, but also in terms of the right personality, professional behaviors, presentation and communications skills needed. They see a need to invest heavily in training before putting people on the job.

investment in training

Importance of Continuous Learning & Training

Continuous Learning & Training tends to bridge this gap and puts us ahead of competition, given that our uncontrolled population growth only adds to uncontrolled competition. Organisations which are learning oriented and continuously make investments in training (Corporate Training) have seen considerable improvement in productivity and reduction in overall costs.

Some of the world’s best sportsmen have sustained such long careers because they never stopped training and learning new techniques, as hard as when they started their careers.

Including superstars like Sachin. The day they think they don’t need to learn anymore, they cannot sustain success. Similar is the need in all professions through it does not show up so apparently to people around.

continuous learning

Don’t be a “somebody” – stand out from the crowd

We have seen many people just go to work and do it very mechanically, doing the same thing in the same way everyday, just waiting to go home. But if you are choosing to be among the ones who want to grow to the peaks of your career and differentiate yourself through fair means, then learning new jobs, skills and techniques is mandatory.

If time is a shortage, pick the range of online and elearning courses available these days in several fields.

skills to stand out from the crowd

Start today – learn a better skill

Start this endeavour by proactively finding the right Mentors, Tutors or trainers or coaches. A mentor is a senior & respected person who can help you identify your shortcomings, your goals and choose the best career options. They usually do not impart training. Tutors, Trainers and coaches actually help you improve on the skill that you want to gain.

Plant the seeds for a better life and career through by enhancing your knowledge and skills, and be ready for better opportunities.

learn better skills everyday

We are with you at provides you

  • Learning Discovery: A comprehensive directory of Training courses in any skill or location
  • Counslr: A system for online guidance in making Career decisions by connecting you with experts.
  • Fulflr: A chat & bid based Learning needs Fulfillment system.

We are in a non-stop continuous improvement mode ourselves to enhance your knowledge, skills and career, in every domain of knowledge. Be it IT, Software, Hardware, Managerial, Personality, Business, Vocational, TuitionsEntrance Exams and Competitive ExamsSports, Music, Dance, Arts, Cooking, anything, everything.

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Fulfilr Learning needs fulfillment and management

The need for an automated Learning Needs Fulfillment system

Students, Parents, Professionals, Learning Officers…. Have you tried looking for a training or coaching course? For yourself or family. Or for staff in your organization. How difficult is it? Isn’t it is like searching for a lost key in a huge mansion. Tiring & time consuming search, asking everyone around for help, getting worried and frustrated and all. If you are doing it for teams in your organisation, transparency in selection process is also crucial.

Manage all your learning needs online with the new Fulfilr: Learning Needs Fulfillment System. 

You can now formally submit clear and complete details of your learning or training need in the Learning Requirement Form and manage your learning needs online. If you have a Training Outsourcing RFP or a Document with clear details of your requirement, add to it.

Get offers and chat 1-1 without disclosing your contacts

What the algorithm does in the background is to ping the most related Training Institutes and individual Trainers, who are into teaching in the same field and matching your requirements of city and mode of learning. The whole process is transparent with equal access to ALL registered and verified Training providers on our portal. Your contact details are not shared with them, to avoid spamming.

Institutes and individual Trainers get to view the posted needs as business leads and post their best bid and offer terms. You may receive multiple offers and you will be informed through an email each time. You can then do an online and private 1-1 chat with the vendor whose profile and offer you are interested in, and close on the best deal.

Close on the best deal

The Fulfilr: Learning Needs Management System takes the load off you to continuously chase up and track on your training needs. Sit back and let the system do its job. For corporate learning officers, this offers transparency in the selection process.

The system increases the chances of you getting the best vendor and best deal possible.

AMLLogo provides you

  • Discovr: A comprehensive directory of Training courses in any skill or location
  • Counslr: A system for online guidance in making Career decisions by connecting you with experts.
  • Fulflr: A chat & bid based Learning needs Fulfillment system.

We are in a non-stop continuous improvement mode ourselves to enhance your knowledge, skills and career, in every domain of knowledge. Be it IT, Software, Hardware, Managerial, Personality, Business, Vocational, TuitionsEntrance Exams and Competitive ExamsSports, Music, Dance, Arts, Cooking, anything, everything.

Happy Learning!

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The value of Online Marketplaces

When online retailing started in India, people didn’t expect this big a success so soon. Indians always want to see, feel and check things before buying to make sure they got a good product. But the e-retailers turned conventional thought over its head. Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal have been very successful and have created wealth for millions of ordinary sellers across India. They have come up with innovative alternatives to address customer concerns.

It also needed the sellers on these platforms to change their methods, atleast for the online sales they make. In return, sellers have gained non-linear growth and great wealth. Non-linear growth because it doesn’t need proportionate additional investment on space, infrastructure or staff. So margin per piece grows with volumes.

The online learning marketplace:

We need a similar transformation in the massive Training Industry, or an Amazon of learning. This is where (Learner, Institute, Trainer) steps in. is much more than a learning marketplace for Training Courses. It has several upstream and downstream services added for Career Guidance, Learning Needs fulfillment and Business Leads.

Publish, promote, sell training courses in the learning marketplace

Opportunity for Training Providers – Institutional and Individual

This is a great opportunity for Institutional Training Vendors like Training and Coaching Institutes to increase their ROI and Individual Trainers, Mentors & Coaches to increase their income through the learning marketplace.

For a Training Institute which invests in expensive commercial space, teachers and infra, unfilled seats means lost revenue. Many students show interest but don’t turn up on the D-Day. Institutes are forced to run sometimes with 1 or 2 students in a class. For Trainers it means a lost opportunity for income.

Publish, Promote or Sell admissions on the learning marketplace. The Business Leads platform gives an opportunity to pursue new business leads for training customers.

Envision these instances:

  • Students have to travel all around the city, talk to lot of acquaintances and make numerous calls to find the right course for them, and at a good location and time, within their budget.
  • Students in small towns can hardly do this as they have to make a physical travel to the city do this. For how long should they stay in the city to accomplish this?
  • Indians living abroad want to attend a training course in India while on a short trip.  This is because Training is very expensive  in western countries. They want to finalize the location and book a seat before they travel. Or, they want to undergo an online course from a Tutor in India.

What if students can sit at their home and complete the job of finding the right course and joining it? What if Corporate learning teams can get the best trainers for their staff in a transparent manner ?

Such scenarios mean an unlimited opportunity for every training vendor, big or small, individual or Institutional.

Career and Learning Discovery

“When I was in the final year, I and my friends started worrying about what next.  When will we get jobs? Which technology should we learn to get an early job? Our families also started worrying. We were getting vague answers from everyone. It took very long for us to get hold of a good job-oriented course and final land in a job. We don’t have a common platform to identify a career path and finalize the best training course.” said a recently graduated engineer whom I met. Isn’t this very common ?

Institutes can focus on the quality and quantity of their courses, while we take care of publishing, promoting and selling to a global market. They can highlight complete details including content, faculty, photos, videos.

market also provides a platform for business leads. Students or Corporate Managers or Learning teams post their training requirements, including outsourced training requirements. These are provided as leads transparently for Training vendors. It includes a private chat facility to discuss on the opportunity.

Learning business is truly online now en masse. (Learner, Institute, Trainer)

AMLLogo provides you

  • Discovr: A comprehensive directory of Training courses in any skill or location.
  • Counslr: A system for online guidance in making Career decisions by connecting you with experts.
  • Fulflr: A chat & bid based Learning needs Fulfillment system.

We are in a non-stop continuous improvement mode ourselves to enhance your knowledge, skills and career, in every domain of knowledge. Be it IT, Software, Hardware, Managerial, Personality, Business, Vocational, TuitionsEntrance Exams and Competitive ExamsSports, Music, Dance, Arts, Cooking, anything, everything.

Happy Learning!

You are also invited to post guest articles on our blog.