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Students ! What is the no.1 query or concern about your career that is nagging you ?

Are you worried about the future of your career? We all have such concerns or worries at key stages of our career especially before moving from 10th to Inter, Inter to Graduation and Graduation to Job.

Every decision is critical and our life depends on it. Ensure you take the right decisions and make the right plans for a golden career ahead.

Share your top question or concern with us at our Career Forum and we will try to get you answers. You can ask your friends, relatives and professionals you know, to answer your query by pasting their email-ids in the ‘Select Recipients’ field. A list of registered Trainers in the relevant area is also provided to choose from. They will get an email with the link to your question on the Forum. They just need to follow the link to post their response.

Every student should share atleast one question. Your question may help hundreds of others too.

Common examples : 

  • What are the education options if I take BiPC in Intermediate?
  • Which branch of engineering has best job opportunities ?
  • Which subjects provide higher chance in getting through Civils ?
  • If I don’t get through Campus Interviews, what are the options for me to get an early job? 
  • How do I prepare for RRB/Bank/Defence Exams ?
  • I want to make sports as a career. What are the chances of getting a job in sports quota ? 
  • I am in graduation currently and want to get into Sales. How should I prepare ?
  • SAP, Big Data or Cloud- which of these provide better job opportunities ?
  • Which are some of the most economical coaching institutes to get through JEE ?
  • For technical writing as a career, what should I study ?

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Counslr Career Guidance system

The Career path dilemma

What branch should I choose in graduation ? Which post-graduation to take up ? How to prepare for entrance & competitive exams – JEE/AIIMS/GRE/TOEFL/NEET/UPSC/Banks ? Is a job in X field better than a job in Y field for my education ? Which technology should I learn to get a job in IT ? What books are good for CA exams ?

Students- Aren’t these some of the most common concerns you have about your career path?

But the answers you get from people around for these questions are very limited – based on your access and the perspective of whom you asked. The confusion is more if you are in a rural area or smaller town.

Counslr: The technology enabled Career Guidance System

So how should you get help to decide ? You should talk to a small but diverse set of people who have knowledge and expertise and whom you can contact. So how do you get the best set of suggestions from one place ? And how do you learn from what other students have asked ?

Need guidance to help define career path

Now comes something that was never before and nowhere., the country’s top aggregator for skill development & training courses now launches the technology enabled online platform to post and manage Career queries at one place -the Counslr: Career Guidance System.

Ask all your questions related to career decisions on the Counslr system. In just one go, you get to post them to a wide cross-section of people for their suggestions. View and manage all responses at one single location.

Your guidance sources

The sections of society whom you can post your question to are:

(i) Training Institutes or Trainers registered in the selected question area.

(ii) Career Counselors, Working professionals, Business Leaders, Executives, Trainers, your Seniors, Teachers, Friends.

(iii) All your contacts on Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

(iv) Other students registered with similar interest areas.

Except (i) and (iv) categories, they need not even be registered on the system! This is as much as it can get. Any of them can respond to your query online anytime. So you get the best suggestions and guidance that is possible. You can also view what queries others have asked and learn from them.

While the final decision is totally yours, you get guidance to take a learned, informed and more confident decision. Counslr is the breakthrough technology platform to assist all students choose the best career path options.

Now on before taking any important career decisions or when in confusion, don’t miss out on the guidance from the right people through Counslr on

AMLLogo provides you

  • Discovr: A comprehensive directory of Training courses in any skill or location
  • Counslr: A system for online guidance in making Career decisions by connecting you with experts.
  • Fulflr: A chat & bid based Learning needs Fulfillment system.

We are in a non-stop continuous improvement mode ourselves to enhance your knowledge, skills and career, in every domain of knowledge. Be it IT, Software, Hardware, Managerial, Personality, Business, Vocational, TuitionsEntrance Exams and Competitive ExamsSports, Music, Dance, Arts, Cooking, anything, everything.

Happy Learning!

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