avoid exam stress

Exam time coming up. AddMyLearning.com wishes students all the best in the upcoming final exams.

The mantra for exams – do your best but do not get stressed up. Beyond that we are all limited by the capabilities we are born with. So don’t worry.

Some tips:

  • Do not try to simply memorize a lot of stuff. It stops giving results beyond a point.
  • Put maximum effort on understanding the fundamentals and concepts. You can analyse and solve a problem better this way.
  • Frequently plant questions in your mind on ‘why’ of each concept, especially for science and maths. That would make them easier to understand.
  • Do a lot of picturizing of the concepts in your minds with closed eyes when reading answers.
  • If you weave a story around those concepts and what you remember, you can still get some marks.
  • Getting tense & worried makes us forget even more. Stay as pleasant and confident as possible.
  • While studying, take short 5 minute breaks every 30 min or so to let the studied stuff assimilate in your brain. During the break move away from books and free up.

The fact is that the number of hours studied is not directly proportional to the marks or rank. It is the quality of study.

Marks are an aggregation of several aspects: hard work, rigor, thoroughness, comprehension skills, understanding of fundamentals & concepts, and our attitude for the subject.

Since we are all designed and built differently both physically and mentally, comparison does nothing else but add stress. Like no two people are exactly same in physique, our brains are also designed and endowed differently.

Intelligence scale

Scale of intelligence: Each one of us is differently endowed

Each one of us has intelligence at different points over a scale which ranges from the least mentally endowed to the most intelligent on earth.

Good marks are very important, but being knowledgeable, logical, smart, communicative, disciplined , considerate and competent with values is the end goal of our study to make us ‘educated’!

The first 1-2 jobs are comparatively easier to get through high marks, but after that, high marks don’t necessarily ensure long term success in career and life.

Good IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient) & SQ (Spiritual Quotient) are also needed in the later stages to handle the pressures of work and family.

We again wish that you all get the best possible scores on your exams. Keep a pleasant mind for your exams. Become kids after your exams 🙂


Make best use of free time in the vacations to learn something new. If you are in late secondary school and aiming for premium institutions like IIT/AIIMS, start soon to lay the foundation. If you are in the last/pre-final year in college and aiming for top jobs or higher studies, vacations are the right time to start.

Check www.addmylearning.com for options and let us know how much more can we help you. We will soon come up with a career suggestions mechanism for you.