Fulfilr Learning needs fulfillment and management

The need for an automated Learning Needs Fulfillment system

Students, Parents, Professionals, Learning Officers…. Have you tried looking for a training or coaching course? For yourself or family. Or for staff in your organization. How difficult is it? Isn’t it is like searching for a lost key in a huge mansion. Tiring & time consuming search, asking everyone around for help, getting worried and frustrated and all. If you are doing it for teams in your organisation, transparency in selection process is also crucial.

Manage all your learning needs online with the new Fulfilr: Learning Needs Fulfillment System. 

You can now formally submit clear and complete details of your learning or training need in the Learning Requirement Form and manage your learning needs online. If you have a Training Outsourcing RFP or a Document with clear details of your requirement, add to it.

Get offers and chat 1-1 without disclosing your contacts

What the algorithm does in the background is to ping the most related Training Institutes and individual Trainers, who are into teaching in the same field and matching your requirements of city and mode of learning. The whole process is transparent with equal access to ALL registered and verified Training providers on our portal. Your contact details are not shared with them, to avoid spamming.

Institutes and individual Trainers get to view the posted needs as business leads and post their best bid and offer terms. You may receive multiple offers and you will be informed through an email each time. You can then do an online and private 1-1 chat with the vendor whose profile and offer you are interested in, and close on the best deal.

Close on the best deal

The Fulfilr: Learning Needs Management System takes the load off you to continuously chase up and track on your training needs. Sit back and let the system do its job. For corporate learning officers, this offers transparency in the selection process.

The system increases the chances of you getting the best vendor and best deal possible.


AddMyLearning.com provides you

  • Discovr: A comprehensive directory of Training courses in any skill or location
  • Counslr: A system for online guidance in making Career decisions by connecting you with experts.
  • Fulflr: A chat & bid based Learning needs Fulfillment system.

We are in a non-stop continuous improvement mode ourselves to enhance your knowledge, skills and career, in every domain of knowledge. Be it IT, Software, Hardware, Managerial, Personality, Business, Vocational, TuitionsEntrance Exams and Competitive ExamsSports, Music, Dance, Arts, Cooking, anything, everything.

Happy Learning!

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