corruption in society

Corruption – Blame it on ‘others’ ?

Corruption as we know is a virus that infests itself everywhere. The effect is felt more in developing & third world countries. With uncontrolled population growth, people have to struggle more & more for their share of limited resources of food, land, jobs, Govt schemes and money. This means a rising opportunity for those who can provide these the wrong way.  Personal gain is put above community or country’s gain.

We try to blame politicians for corruption, which is totally wrong. It is a sour grapes story. In reality, an average politician is same as an average non-politician.

Since politicians have more power, opportunity and media coverage, they get more exposure. Otherwise, it is the same everywhere else.

Government staff do the same. Businessmen do the same – evade taxes or pay their way to flout rules for business gains. The great common man does the same – to get things done out of turn, break rules, evade taxes, admissions, jobs etc. – the list is long. Now people demand money from candidates to vote! Feeding the corrupt is also corruption.

As per an article in Indiatimes, given that India’s GDP in calender year 2016 is expected to be $2.3 trillion, the size of India’s black economy is about $460 billion (over Rs 30 lakh crore), which is larger than the stated GDP of emerging markets like Thailand and Argentina. The Hindu in an article reports that Black economy now amounts to 75% of GDP.

Its a free-for-all

In every group of population based on either class or profession, the same percentage of people are trying to grab as much as they can, of what is not rightly theirs. From the poorest to the richest. The difference is only in terms of what size and value of things that people they can lay their hands on. Everyone thinks it is the other one who has to stop first.

Of the few honest ones left out – some are whistle-blowers, some fight through RTIs and other acts, some are vehement arm-chair fighters (very frustrated but don’t do anything), some don’t care at all.

Laws have totally failed in stopping people from money laundering practices. This may because the same people flourish among people who are supposed to make laws, implement laws and follow laws. And these 3 groups include all of the population in them !

It may also be partly because morality, integrity, civic sense and responsibility to the nation is not taught in schools and colleges. Only career oriented subjects are.

The home factor

Why don’t parents question their corrupt children – “Did we get you education to gobble everything around?”

Why doesn’t the wife ask her husband – “We have enough to eat. Why do you eat dirty money? I don’t want cash, jewelry and property that you earned falsely”.

Why don’t grown up children ask their father – “Dad, we will have to pay for your sins. Because you do dirty  things, someone has lost money, land, life or peace of mind.”

Instead family members enjoy the fruits of falsely earned money. Wealth makes people happy and secure. In their free time, people fee relieved cursing politicians and all others who started it.

Why doesn’t Dharma stop people from this bad Karma? Dharma says for a wife, husband is God. For children, parents are God. Does it mean a wife should assist her husband in his illegal deeds? Does it mean children need to follow in their parent’s footsteps in this money gathering exercise? Doesn’t dharma ask family members to mend the ways of a member stepping in the wrong direction?

The religion factor

People are becoming more & more attached to religion with every passing day. Temples, Masjids, Churches, Gurudwaras are seeing an ever increasing population year on year. The number of visitors to these institutions is rising by lakhs every year. The number of religious gurus or leaders is also growing fast, and each of them has their followers multiplying in numbers. One new devotional TV channel comes up in every religion almost every other month.

Is it because people are becoming more and more genuinely devotional? Or is it also fueled by the ever increasing desire for money and success?

If religion is spreading so fast and wide, why is it not bringing down corruption? Isn’t every God, and every religion, and the religious guides like the Gita, Bible or Quran against corruption? The fact is, people are making devotion and money go hand in hand – Observe that some of the most exceptional devotees around us are also among the biggest law-breaking businessmen or corrupt staff. Why does a criminal continue to pray and then do his acts at the same time?

Unfortunately, giving or taking bribes is not considered among the sins punishable by God. The irony is that stealing in broad daylight is not considered sin whereas stealing in the dark is !!! The former is called favour, the later is called robbery, for convenience.

Start from home and religious institutions

Should Temples, Masjids, Churches, Gurudwaras etc not ask their visitors to take an oath before every prayer – that they don’t earn anything through false means ? Shouldn’t all Gurus, Fathers, Imams, Sants etc pass the message continuously to their followers?

When all laws have failed, isn’t it the home and God’s abodes which should take up the responsibility to make the society cleaner ?

If these two institutions also don’t contribute, then there is no way out. At these corruption levels, the gap between haves and have-nots will only keep increasing. We will always remain a ‘developing’ country.