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Do you have free time on your weekends or weekdays ? Do you have a good knowledge on any Subject, Technology, Entrance Exam, Competitive Exam, or Art, Music, Painting etc ? Are you well respected in your circles for your skills ?  All this then why waste your free time when you have the opportunity to sit at home, create Courses or Tests and earn ?, India’s foremost Learning Bazaar and Career portal provides you a crowd-sourced teaching platform. Just follow these simple steps to create learning material and earn in your free-time without being burdened by schedules.

Some indicative areas that you can create learning stuff on:

  • School Subjects and Practice Tests
  • Technology Courses & Evaluation Tests
  • Entrance & Competitive Exam Preparation and Practice Tests
  • Language Learning Courses
  • Projects & Hobbies
  • How-to’s & DIYs

You can extend your imagination to more areas…!

Create courses in weekend & free time, sell on

Start asap

Step 1: Plan

  • Finalize what Subject you want to teach, and the approximate Duration of the Course.
  • Identify pre-requisites if any. i.e. any prior knowledge and expertise required.
  • In most cases, it also helps to identify the target segment – Beginners, Intermediates or Experts.
  • Set Objectives for the Course in a few concise statements. These should indicate what is the student expected to know, or be able to do, by the end of the Course.
  • Create a structured ToC (Table of Contents) with Chapters and Topics to be included in the Course.

Step 2: Create

You have multiple options to create Courses or Tests from the comfort of your home.

  • Option 1: Video Course (series of video recordings).

Use any good quality handycam, digital or mobile camera to record in noiseless surroundings. A collar mic or zoom mic will improve audio quality.

  • Option 2: eLearning Course or Online Test.

This is made for self-study. i.e. the student will play Audio-Visual content at his/her convenience of place and time. For this, first prepare course content in Word or Powerpoint. Then use several free or paid Authoring tools to convert it to an eLearning Course/Test.

A list of free eLearning course authoring tools is available at eLearningindustry-course-tools or on Capterra. A few Free Test Authoring Tools can be found at elearningindustry-test-tools. There are also professional paid software tools like Adobe Captivate, ArticulateElucidat etc.

  • Option 3: Virtual Classroom Course.

In this form, you conduct live classes at scheduled timings using LMS (Learning Management System) software. There are several options. These are online and pay-per-use. Most of these start with a free membership for a single teacher and limited usage.

Subscription to these online LMS Software is simple and you can start within minutes. These are browser based so no installation is needed, and these are mobile compatible too !

Common ones are Braincert, MoodleCloudTalent, Docebo, WizIQ.

You and your students can see and talk to each other. Most of these also come with included whiteboard to write, share documents, conduct quizzes, assignments and even issue certificates.

Step 3: Upload or Host

  • Upload videos onto a free web drive like Youtube, Vimeo or on free online storage tools like Google Drive or Drop Box etc. For eLearning packages too, you can use these online tools.
  • Keep access restricted/private which means only those whom you give access can view your stuff. General public cannot see or download them.
  • For Virtual Classroom course no activity is needed at this point. You may evaluate various LMS software to find the best.

Step 4: Publish & Put up for Selling

  • Mention your credentials & achievements. You can add a link to a brief 2-3 video about yourself.
  • Login and navigate to your dashboard. Click on ‘Add a Course/Test‘. Fill up the form with clear details.
  • If you have created a short 3-5 min demo video about the course, add a link to it. The chances of business is much higher.
  • Set a competitive price.
  • Lo! The Course or Test listing is now live and available for sale !

Step 5: Promote

  • Each Course/Test integrated with Social Media Share buttons. Share with your friends & family on FB, Google+, Twitter etc. Share the link in your WhatsApp circles. Ask them to share further.
  • If you have a separate blog or site, embed a small piece of code we give you for each entry. It will show up as a 250 x 250 pixel (approx) visual box with a link to your course!
  • You may utilize paid promotions on starting from 1 day to as long as you want.

If you are a regular trainer, you can create your business pages on FB, G+, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. You can also use paid Ad platforms like FB Ads, Google Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads etc to advertise.

Step 6: Earn on Sale

  • Any user across the world can buy your course through secure and established Payment Gateway (PayUMoney) on PayPal, CCAvenue and PayTM are under implementation.
  • Your money and your buyers money is safe and protected through Buyer Protection mechanisms at Payment Gateway level and in Addmylearning.
  • You are notified of each sale of your Course/Test and its buyer. Provide access to the buyer to your course/test within 2-3 days once notified.
  • Your money is transferred to your account in about 2 weeks of each sale, post necessary verification and checks of delivery.

Quick tips for creating Courses:

  • Create Courses with comprehensive content to ensure the intended objectives are achieved. Your buyers are your biggest promoters when they spread through references and word of mouth.
  • Check grammar and spellings thoroughly. Use free readability improvement tools to enhance sentence formation ( etc).
  • Ensure good Audio and Video quality without surrounding noise.
  • Do not use any foul language or obscene content.

Go ahead. Spread knowledge, enjoy your free time creatively and make money. Create Courses or Tests now. What are you waiting for ?

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