Top Software related Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups – Smarter way to enhance knowledge

Facebook has a great collection of Groups on any subject or interest in the world. The group members generally share latest updates about the topic and have people answering each others queries. We will help you with some of the most used Facebook Groups you can become a member of.

If you are a software professional or want to become one, there are quite some benefits of joining some of these most followed groups in the area of your work or interest. The top takeaways of joining groups are :

  • Keep yourself updated on the latest Global technology changes
  • Discuss and Resolve your technical queries
  • Contribute your knowledge through answers and articles
  • Find help for Interviews
  • Find new job opportunities or ask for referrals.

Note that any one Group may not provide all of the above, but provide one or more of the listed takeaways.

Get going with these Software related Groups

Here are a few most followed groups in popular software areas that you may want to join, and their current membership figures:

1. Big Data, Hadoop Groups


2. Java Groups


3. Mobile Development Groups


4. IOT Groups


5.  PHP Groups


6. Software Testing Groups


7. SAP Groups


8. Oracle Groups


9. C, C++ Groups


10. .Net Groups

11. Cloud Computing Groups

Becoming a member of the Group

Do some checks before you raise a request to the Group admin to become a member. Go through the description of the blog and the guidelines for posting. Most of the time, promotions and ads are strictly restricted. Once you raise a request and the admin approves, start using the Groups productively. Make sure posts adhere to the guidelines or you may be ousted from the group.

The good side of Groups is that not only do you gain knowledge, but when you post good articles or questions or answers, you are sure to get a good following for yourself.

Facebook Groups App

Facebook also has a Facebook Groups App on the iPhone App Store and Android Google Play Store. This makes it convenient to be with your groups on the go!


If you are aware of other great groups that your friends can benefit from, let us know.