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The Business Growth Platform for all Training & Test Providers – Training Institutes, Coaching Centers, Trainers, Tutors, Mentors… provides you a comprehensive Training Business platform to publish, promote, sell courses and to get business leads from various sources. Now easily be found everywhere, become popular and gain business. has 3 core solutions:

  • Bazaar: A comprehensive listing of Courses, Tests, Institutes and Trainers in any skill or location.
  • Fulflr: A bid & Chat based automated Learning Needs Fulfillment system for individuals and companies, which turns into a Business Leads system for Training providers.
  • Counslr: A Career Guidance System for students, job-seekers and professionals to connect with training providers, experts and friends for suggestions on career path. covers any subject or skill. Be it Software, Hardware, Managerial, Personality, Business, Vocational, TuitionsEntrance Exams and Competitive ExamsSports, Music, Dance, Arts, Cooking, anything, everything.

You can list every batch of your training course or workshop for students, job-seekers, parents, corporate learning officers and consultant to find and engage.  You have a number of features that help you in establishing and growing your training business. The highlighting factor here is all of these are enabled through easy self-service screens so you can manage your business anytime without waiting for us.

1. Publish & Promote your Training profile


publish training profile and courses

  • Publish all your Training Institute or Trainer profile details including photos, videos, Faculty profiles – with a dedicated URL. Use Promotions starting from 1-day to specially highlight your profile.


2. Publish & Promote every Course Batch or Test

publish and promote training courses and workshops


  • Publish all details about every course batch, workshop or Test including date, time, venue, price, content, faculty, placement, discounts, demo video etc with a URL for each. Easy entry screens. Specially highlight using promotions starting from 1-day.

3. Reviews, Ratings and Enquiries


reviews and feedback about training courses

  • Visitors can submit reviews/feedback, ratings and enquiries about your courses. View and respond online instantly. The institute rating is the aggregate for all your courses.

4. Digital Marketing

digital marketing on social media

  • Share & Market your Institute or Course pages on Social Media – FB, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn. Share links with students. You also get widgets for each course that you can publish on your other sites.

5. Sell Courses & Tests online


  • Secure PayUMoney wallet gateway for booking of your courses and transfer of money upon start of the course.

6. New Business Leads – Multiple sources to grow business 

training business leads

  • I’m interested’ button in every Course view page. When a student clicks the button on your course, you get an email & SMS with their contacts. You can reach them for admissions.
  • Fulfilr: Training Needs Fulfilment tool – Get an email & SMS when a new Learning Need is posted by a student/company in your Training areas. Respond online and Chat 1-1 to take deal ahead.
  • Business enquiries: Capture all cold calls in a CRM style tool and track conversions to closure.
  • Course update broadcast: Your newly added courses are shared as regular auto-updates to Students if they have searched for such courses earlier, or if the course falls in their selected ‘Interest Areas’.
  • Counslr: Career Guidance Tool- Students can select you as recipients to their questions about career choices related to your training areas. Guide students and tap opportunities.

7. Student Management

  • Manage all your student enrolments to courses registered in
  • Publish notifications and announcements about Course updates and changes.

8. A Powerful dashboard

institute or trainer dashboard

  • Manage all your training business including publication, promotion, memberships and leads from a central dashboard screen.

9. Reports, 

Notifications and updates

reports and notifications about your business

  • New business leads
  • Your Course views report – every week
  • Expiring courses listing reminder every week
  • Sale of course

10. Service Support

support for training business

  • Service is available during business hours on email, phone internal admin chat. We target to close all issues within 2 business days or the earliest possible timelines for complex issues.

Watch the videos below to understand more in detail:

Business Growth for Training Institutes, Coaching Centers

Business Growth for Trainers, Tutors, Mentors

We are in a continuous improvement mode to provide more services, in the most economical mode. Inviting you to make the best use of the system for the success and globalization of your training business.

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