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Counslr Career Guidance Forum

Counslr from is the 1-stop platform to sort out all your concerns about what career path to follow or what career choices to make. Nowhere else and never before!

Career path is the most intriguing question for every student. Now no need to randomly ask people around, who themselves are not really aware of the answers.

Counslr gives you a 1-stop platform to ask a career query to the right people- Training Institutes and Trainers, Counselors, your student community, friends, colleagues, seniors, teachers, professionals, business leaders, executives, or anyone over Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ !

While the final decision is yours, you get guidance to take a learned, informed and more confident decision.

Once you have finalized your option, you can follow it up with finding courses from various institutes or trainers, to learn skills in your chosen path!

So we are with you - from helping to choose a career path to learning skills in your chosen path.