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  Human Resource Career

Posted by Shankar

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    How to take up a career in HR? What is the career path and growth ?

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  Venkat Srireddy  

Replied on 01-Sep-16

HR courses are most commonly offered at PG level in Indian Universities, like MBA-HR and MHRM. PG Diploma Courses in HRM are also very common and well respected. (PGDM-HR) . But HR courses is available at Undergraduate levels  in a few courses like BBA-HR and as Certification Courses. 

An education in HR is required for entry level HR jobs. Experienced working professionals also move from other roles to HR roles in a few instances. 

As a career path, HR offers good opportunities. Unlike other technical skills, HR is needed for any and every type of organisation. They become more and more critical to the Organisation as it grows and expands.  This is because Organisations need to attract and retain the best people for their workforce and HR helps in this endeavour. There are also complex legal requirements around employee welfare and handling employee issues.  These laws are different for different countries and the effect of a non-compliance is felt not only financially but the organisations reputation and attractiveness also takes a hit.   HR is hence involved in defining and implementing people policies. Needless to say, due to this criticality and risk, HR job starts becoming quite stressful as responsibilities grow.

HR is generally divided into Business HR and Talent Acquisition. Business HR is responsible for people issues, policies and staff welfare whereas Talent Acquisition HR is responsible for recruitment and induction into the organisation. Companies usually maintain a constant ratio of Total Staff : HR Staff. 

At entry level, HR are not usually taken in large numbers by an organisation in one go like technical staff. They are put in as Management Trainees reporting to senior HR staff.  Lateral  movement can be upto any level. CPO (Chief People Officer) is one such HR leadership role at CXO levels.