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Address : #506,annapurna block, aditya enclave, ameerpet, Hyderabad , Hyderabad, Telangana, 500038, India

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Name : pavan

ajihoo. com

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Ajihoo is an organization and a procession of pool of software professionals who have reached the technological aspirations. This is a golden threshold for the engineering students who wants to explore the technological depths and learn the coding and programming. Ajihoo will always in the front to inculcate the coding and programming to the technical graduates or non-technical graduates who have zeal in the software field...

Ajihoo will always stood first to provide one to one professional training for the young people. Ajihoo does believe that programming and coding will not be learnt in the classrooms. It is just like learning a car driving which can not be learnt in the class rooms. Software programmng should be learnt under one to one guidence and under strict supervision. This can be imparted by Ajihoo under one to one professional guidence.

Ajihoo started the procession of making software professionals by imparting the skills needed to work in software companies, especially concentrating the designing, programming, coding, database management, signal handling, exception handling, security, memory management, garbage collection, debugging support and integration in java and MS.Net Technologies. Ajihoo emphasizes on the advanced concepts of the technologies by probing the studets to implement the web papers in the floor. web papers are giving more insights and indepth study to accomplish the project for a predominant cause.

Ajihoo welcomes the software engineering students and any graduate who has the aspiration to learn the software programming. To provide one to one professional guidence Ajihoo always stands first. Ajihoo is a code-academy which enrich the point to point executional skills with software development life cycle exposure to the students.

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